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How to Protect and Rewire Trailer Wiring

Wiring a small trailer is no easy feat. Even wiring (correctly) a simple 4-way trailer wiring harness requires several hours of labor. The last thing you want is for Mother Nature to undo all your hard work. So what’s the best way to protect your trailer wiring for the long

4 Step Guide to Choosing a Trailer Hitch Coupler

A coupler is welded or bolted to the front of your trailer frame. It mates with the trailer ball for a secure swiveling connection. How to choose a trailer coupler isn’t rocket science. Here’s a 4-step guide to get you underway. Step 1: Select the Correct Size of Trailer Ball

Guide to Articulating Couplers for Trailers

What Is An Articulating Trailer Coupler? An articulating trailer coupler is a hitch mechanism that allows 360-degree rotation of a trailer-to-tow vehicle connection. It prevents the hitch ball from binding against the coupler. Articulating (also called multi-axis) couplers are popular on off-road trailers. But as you’ll see, they are an

How to Read a Trailer Tire Label (Quick Reference)

A typical tire label might read: ST205/75-R14 LRD ST: Special Trailer Tire. ST tires are built with reinforced sidewalls and unique chemistry to handle the higher shear loads and longer storage periods of trailer service. 205: The section width in millimeters. 75: The aspect ratio, expressed as a percentage of

Should I Use Aluminum to Build a Trailer?

Here at Template Trailers, we love aluminum! It’s silvery, it’s lightweight, it’s easy to drill, and best of all, it’s strong! However, aluminum is finicky to work with. We prefer its use for bolt-together trailers rather than conventional welded trailers. Here’s why: Most people are interested in aluminum for a

A Guide to the Best Options for Trailer Decking

Decking is a critical part of your trailer. It holds your stuff, seals against water, prevents animal intrusion, and strengthens your frame. Your choice of decking or flooring will vary by trailer type. For instance, a lightweight lawn trailer may use expanded steel mesh. It’s lightweight and doesn’t hold water.