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Federal Trailer Lighting Info and Regulations

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has developed standards and regulations for lighting on all road-ready trailers. These standards define the number of lights and reflectors a trailer must have, where the lights and reflectors should be located, and which SAE or DOT code the lights must have. These

How to Design a Small Homemade Trailer

So, you’re ready to build your own trailer? If you’re not sure exactly what size and style you want, we’re here to help. Homemade utility trailers come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny 4×8-ft teardrop trailers to stout 6×12-ft ATV haulers. How to Choose a DIY Trailer Design Before

Should I Use Aluminum to Build a Trailer?

Here at Template Trailers, we love aluminum! It’s silvery, it’s lightweight, it’s easy to drill, and best of all, it’s strong! However, aluminum is finicky to work with. We prefer its use for bolt-together trailers rather than conventional welded trailers. Here’s why: Most people are interested in aluminum for a

How Long Should My Trailer Tongue Be?

Is there a standard length for a trailer tongue? If not, how do you choose how long your trailer tongue should be?  This is a common topic in online forums. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but very little science to back it up. Is there an optimal tongue length