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How to Design a Small Homemade Trailer

So, you’re ready to build your own trailer? If you’re not sure exactly what size and style you want, we’re here to help. Homemade utility trailers come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny 4×8-ft teardrop trailers to stout 6×12-ft ATV haulers. How to Choose a DIY Trailer Design Before

Should I Build or Buy a Trailer? – Pros and Cons

Should you build or buy your trailer? There are many misconceptions about building your own trailer. Unfortunately, all too many would-be welders pick up a Hobart MIG welder and post the forum question, “So, is 3×2 tube big enough to weld my own trailer?” In this article, we consider building

Where to Buy Metal Materials for Building a Trailer?

Are you looking for where to buy aluminum and steel building materials for building your own homemade trailer? Let us help! Finding your own metal materials can be stressful. If you buy metals from the wrong source, you could pay more than the finished frame is worth! Thankfully, you have