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At Template Trailers, we specialize in small utility trailers, both welded steel and bolt-together aluminum. We are proud to present the web’s best blog on small trailer design, and are looking forward to introducing our future plans for DIY bolt-together trailers.

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Getting Started?

Never built a trailer before? See how everything works! It’s not as hard as you think, especially with a bolt-together Template Trailer.

Equipment & Materials

Wondering where to source your aluminum or steel? How about the axle, tires and hardware?

Trailer Design

We peel back the layers of trailer design, helping you understand what makes a strong, reliable, resilient trailer frame design.


Registration and titling laws for homemade and kit trailers vary by state. Find out more about your state's regulation here.

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Trailer Maintenance & Repair

How to Install Screws for Trailer Decking

Are you about to replace the wooden decking on your trailer? Most trailers with wooden decking will eventually require replacement. Wood, even pressure-treated wood, can crack, break, dry rot, warp, or fall prey to termites

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Trailer Equipment

Guide to Articulating Couplers for Trailers

What Is An Articulating Trailer Coupler? An articulating trailer coupler is a hitch mechanism that allows 360-degree rotation of a trailer-to-tow vehicle connection. It prevents the hitch ball from binding against the coupler. Articulating (also

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Trailer Maintenance & Repair

Step-by-Step Guide to Painting a Homemade Trailer

If you’re constructing a steel frame trailer, then here’s a hard-to-accept truth: It’s very difficult to replicate a factory-applied finish for your trailer. Manufacturers have access to tooling and fabrication processes unavailable to the homeowner.

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Getting Started

How to Design a Small Homemade Trailer

So, you’re ready to build your own trailer? If you’re not sure exactly what size and style you want, we’re here to help. Homemade utility trailers come in all sizes and shapes, from tiny 4×8-ft

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Trailer Design

Should I Use Aluminum to Build a Trailer?

Here at Template Trailers, we love aluminum! It’s silvery, it’s lightweight, it’s easy to drill, and best of all, it’s strong! However, aluminum is finicky to work with. We prefer its use for bolt-together trailers

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